Weight Loss

by Ron Thompson ACCHT


Weight Loss – Shrinking the Stomach

Hypnotherapy Audio Recording by Ron Thompson – 36 minutes 01 second

Hypnotherapy for weight loss provides the necessary will power needed to help you stick to your weight loss program whatever plan that suits you. It increases your desire to be attracted to eating healthier, delicious, nutritious foods at regular intervals and small portions throughout the day. Within this recording there are suggestions give to tap into the subconscious mind with trigger words and positive phrases designed to anchor a slim mind-set which eliminates self-sabotage, overeating, binging eating and instead unleashes your most vibrant, vital self.

This recording also has the suggestions within designed to encourage your subconscious to noticing when it is full and stopping eating immediately. The stomach feels smaller and becomes as small as a golf ball. This in turn has the desired effect of eating less and releasing unwanted weight.

**It is helpful before listening to this recording for you to weigh yourself only at the start, take body measurements weekly (bust, belly button, hips) and have a GOAL WEIGHT number in mind.**

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For best results it is recommended that you listen to this recording often and while reclining in a chair or lying down in an upright position in a bed where you have full body and head support. Be sure to keep your body in an open position and refrain from crossing your arms and legs while listening to this or any hypnotherapy recording. And it also recommended that you find a place where you will not be disturbed by any outside noises or distractions such as pets, children, TV, phones and internet. Wearing noise cancelling head phones are also recommended if at all possible.

CAUTION: Do not listen to this audio recording while driving a vehicle or operating any type of mechanical equipment. This is not a replacement for any type of medical advice.

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