Overcoming Self-Starvation

by Ron Thompson ACCHT


Hypnotherapy Audio Recording by Ron Thompson –31 minutes 46 seconds 

Do you an extreme fear of gaining weight or being overweight? Have you been told by a doctor, family member or friends that you have an eating disorder such as self-starvation or anorexia? Perhaps you refuse to believe them because you feel guilty whenever you eat food, so you feel the need to starve yourself.

By listening to this self-hypnosis MP3 recording daily, it can inspire you to develop the utmost respect and protection towards your body. This in turn helps you to normalize your beliefs and emotions about eating foods and creating a healthy body. And by listening to this recording often it helps to change these obsessive impulsive feelings, so they become weaker and weaker as they seem to vanish from your mind completely.

Are you willing to make the commitment to respect and protect your body, for the rest of your life? Then download this self-hypnosis recording now!

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For best results it is recommended that you listen to this recording often and while reclining in a chair or lying down in an upright position in a bed where you have full body and head support. Be sure to keep your body in an open position and refrain from crossing your arms and legs while listening to this and any hypnotherapy recording. And it also recommended that you find a place where you will not be disturbed by any outside noises or distractions such as pets, children, TV, phones, internet. Wearing noise cancelling headphones are also recommended if possible. 

Suggestions, metaphors, and some of the wordings that were used in some of these hypnotherapy scripts for recordings have been taken from the following sources: ‘Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors’ by D. Corydon Hammond, Ph.D.; ‘Seventy Proven Hypnosis Scripts’ by Robert Hughes, BCH; ‘Great Escapes by Del Hunter Morrill, M.S., N.B.C.H. 

CAUTION: Do not listen to this audio recording while driving a vehicle or operating any type of mechanical equipment. This is not a replacement for any type of medical advice. 

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