What is Sports Performance Anxiety?

What can sometimes happen to any athlete is a feeling of performance anxiety due to having repetitive failures, injuries, chronic pain, and this sadly grows into a loss of excitement along with a negative inner belief for the love of the sport or the game.

To improve a person’s overall athletic performance, besides physically being disciplined and diligent with routine, repetitive practices, maintaining optimum weight, physical strength, flexibility, and balanced nutrition…an athlete also needs to mentally be prepared. And by simply using hypnosis, it can be helpful towards improving your ‘mental sports practice’.

Almost all sports require an athlete to develop mental skills like:
  • The ability to be Calm yet thinking only of the Present moment
  • Increased focus, persistence, and determination
  • To mentally push past pain, misses and penalties
  • Getting to mentally ‘zone out’ distractions
  • Maintaining a highly motivated excitement to win
How does Hypnosis help with Improving a Confident Sports Mentality?

Athletes are really a lot like the superheroes of our time. Not only are their bodies in peak optimal physical condition but their minds can push past all boundaries that most of us might never even attempt to achieve in our lifetimes. Thus, the feeling of a ‘Superhero’ mentality emerges.

I love to watch the Olympics, especially the winter sports. My favorite sport to watch is the Ski Jumping Competitions or Ski Flying as it’s called. Did you know that the highest distance for the ski flying hill is 185 meters? I always watch with wonder and awe as the Skier will be standing on the jumping ramp getting ready to make his jump. Did you ever wonder what they are thinking at that moment? They are NOT thinking, ‘what if I don’t make the jump’! Nor are they thinking, what if I fail or fall like I did once before? All this negative self-talk is gone…because all they are thinking about, is the jump itself. They have complete TRUST and BELIEF in their body to remember the correct angle for flying in the V formation with their skis…their body slanting forward…their mind keenly, sharply, focused on the K-point and the landing area. All focus is on the present moment…nothing else matters…just the jump itself.

Getting this type of ‘Superhero’ mindset is achievable through the help of hypnosis for sports performance.

So How Does Hypnosis for Sports Performance Work?
  1. Help induce them into a relaxing hypnotic trance state
  2. Use creative imagery to help them to release the negative memories of the past injuries, failures, misses, and any negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences that may be blocking them from succeeding
  3. Using imagery to help towards future success and implanting physical trigger responses that coincide with remembered feelings of successful moments
  4. Creating imagery that includes positive confident energy towards future successful outcomes
  5. Teach how to use ‘self-hypnosis’ tips for use on their own before competitions
What are the Benefits of using Hypnosis for Sports Performance?

The benefits of using hypnosis for sports performance are just incredible really. With the outstanding results that can be obtained, there’s little doubt about the role of hypnosis as a powerful tool to help anyone enhance their sports achievement and increase their athletic mastery.

If you are looking for help with increasing your athletic abilities mentally, emotionally, and healing of any injuries feel free to book an appointment for a consultation by phone, Zoom, or in the office.

Sports Performance Hypnotherapy
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