What is Past Life Regression and Regression therapy?

Regression is the experience of going back to an earlier time in this life or a past life. Past-life regression (PLR) involves the re-experiencing of a previous lifetime. Have you ever wondered if you might have been alive before this life? Do you want to find out what and who you were in a previous life? Discover the ability to release past conflicts with hypnosis!

The therapeutic benefit of using hypnosis to find out past life information assists clients in exploring aspects of behavior and/or belief systems that they are experiencing in their current life. There can be great benefits to past life regression, and you don’t even really have to be a believer.

Once the past-life event has been discovered, healing will take place. Information discovered in the past life can be brought forward to this life and create profound changes in behaviors and an understanding of your life now. Many people overcome their issues in just a few sessions of past-life regression therapy. Even people who don’t believe in reincarnation have been helped through reliving a past-life. People often have irrational fears, emotional blocks, or even physical symptoms or phantom pains that can’t be explained by traditional means.

What can you expect to experience during a PLR?

There are many possibilities, some may see and experience a scene as if watching a movie or television. More commonly others experience a sense or impression of being in another place or situation.

Just how does past-life regression work? How does it create such a profound change? Are the past-lives real or just imagined? These and other questions have no scientific answers however there are many theories.

Many people have been helped and have overcome their problems using past-life regression. The most important thing to make your past-life regression successful is to have an open mind. This alone can open the door to healing and personal insight.

What is a typical regression session like?

Most regression sessions include just two people: the client and the hypnotherapist. Normally, a session is scheduled in advance that can last 2 1/2 hours. The session begins with a preliminary discussion, which is followed by the past life regression. During these individual sessions, the hypnotherapist and you talk frequently about what is happening, so that guidance can be tailored to the specific person and what he or she is experiencing at the moment.

Recalling your past lives is also a spiritual journey; you’ll gain insights to create a more whole, meaningful life. Past-life regression is facilitated by hypnosis wherein you can uncover as many as one or many past lives. There’s no harm giving PLR a try it may be the most beneficial change in your life. If you go through PLR and you benefit from it and you learned something and applied it to this life, then that which you learned was indeed from a past life experience.

Here are some good reasons for trying a PLR
  • Past life regression can help you to find the source of destructive patterns in your life and to break those negative patterns.
  • PLR can also provide you with a deeper insight into yourself providing a more positive attitude.
  • Apart from the issue of believing in past life experiences, PLR sessions can very often lead to beneficial results by clearing away mental negativity within one’s mind.
  • When you understand the life you lived before, it will shed some light on your current state of being. Why you are, the way you are is a question many of us face and never find the answer to.
  • It promotes a clearer understanding of our current situation and allows you to remain focused in your daily life. Opening windows into the past opens doors for your future benefit.

A Past Life Regression is an in-depth exploration of what may be a life changing journey for you. Find out if you have lived before. What lessons did you learn in your past life or perhaps several past lives? What problems did you come into this life with? What issues are still facing in this life due to these past life issues?

Past life experiences can answer a lot of questions about whom and what you are, this alone could change your life. Past life regression therapy is a good thing no matter if you believe in it or not. If you would like to truly change your life it is certainly worth a try don’t you think?

You can find more peace and balance about your spiritual journey in a physical world. No matter where you stand on the issue of past life regression therapy, you can believe that there is a positive result. Whenever you are ready to make some positive changes in this current life, it is surely worth a try, what do you have to lose?

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