Who Is Aunt-T For Real? By Tracy Thompson

Hello there, I’m Tracy Thompson. I’ve been a practicing Certified Hypnotherapist since 2011 and before that I was working in a Crown Corporation as a licensing clerk and before that I was a Registered Denturist turned contract worker and before that I had many other jobs. I’ve been working since I was 15 years old, and it appears that I’m still working. I’ve also been married three times, divorced twice, widowed once, and lived common law with a certain someone for three years. I have a lifetime of experiences in work, relationships, life, and spirituality to share.

The other part of who I am is in my name as Aunt-T. The ‘T’ is short for either Tracy or Triddles or Tex (Tex was my nickname in my 20’s because I had a bit of a drawl at the time) and Triddles is a childhood name that my sisters and I used instead of saying the word ‘farting’ when we were young. We were taught by our mother to always say the word ‘tritting’ or ‘trits’ instead of ‘farting or farts’.  I remember once as children we went away for a weekend to visit our Aunties in Winnipeg as they offered to babysit the 3 of us little girls (yes, I was maybe about 8, and my sisters were 6 and 4) and our Aunties needed to give us a bath after getting quite dirty playing outside and they had a bottle of body lotion for us to apply on our skin after our bath and guess what the name of the lotion was? It was named Triddles. And because the bottle was getting close to being empty and the lotion had to be shucked and squeezed to come out and it was sounding to us like the sound of ‘tritting.’ Immediately we all laughed uproariously and giggled with every squeeze of the lotion bottle, and our Aunties assumed we were just adorable little girls who laughed at everything, when in our little minds we were all associating the bottle of Triddles with our special ‘word for farting’.  To this very day this is our private joke amongst my sisters and me. The word Triddles to this day still puts a smile on our faces and a chuckle.

So, if you think of me as an ‘old fart’ that is quite accurate under the circumstances.  But we must not say the word fart, however, so just say ‘trit’ instead or ‘tritting’ or ‘triddles’ because the other words may be offensive to some people. So, the T in Aunt-T is a shortcut of all three of my names together Tracy, Tex and Triddles and so it is easier to just call me Aunt-T, okay?

Why Share My Personal Stories?

So why am I wanting to share my stories with everyone as Aunt-T?

Well, I have an overwhelming abundance of love in my heart to share as an Auntie that I was denied being one to over 17 nieces and nephews for past 35+ years now. This outpouring of love is what I hope to share with all who perhaps may be missing an Auntie as much as I am missing my nieces, and nephews. The stories I plan to share will be ones that uplift, inspire, and even encourage many today who may be having difficulty in relationships, socializing, communicating openly or feeling more authentic in such a digital world that we live in today.

The personal stories I am willing to share with you are of a life well lived, of lessons learned, authentic stories of failures, triumphs, successes, pain, joy, relationships, heartaches, and love. Because something has suddenly shifted inside of me, and I now realize the rules I put upon myself in the past were for someone else when I was a different person. I do not care anymore what anyone may say about me from my past life because what I want to share with everyone are stories of growth, joy, comedy, love, happiness, and sacrifice.

So, you might be asking, what happened to me 35+ years ago? At that time in my life, I made some difficult life-changing decisions to leave my family’s religious cult that I was born into, and I also divorced my first husband who was also a member of that religion at the same time.

Whenever a person leaves this religious cult (it is the JW’s) you become like a member of the walking dead, you are a zombie that is still alive, and nobody who knows you is talking to you. The shunning I experienced was the ultimate overwhelming feeling of betrayal. (Like the three of swords in tarot) I was completely cut off from all family members, friends, and extended family (Aunts, Uncles, cousins) From that day on I was no longer invited to any family gatherings, weddings, birth announcements, anniversaries etc. They call it being disfellowshipped. They make an announcement at their Kingdom Halls that you are disfellowshipped for ‘Conduct not becoming of a Christian.’ But the truth of the matter is that I Asked to be Disfellowshipped. I can go on with this topic at great length, but I will expand on this in another blog post.

So, I was a bad girl because I wanted to leave religion it is the truth of the matter. Consequentially I needed to be punished by them. Knowing about such grave punishment given, then why did I still leave? If wanted to stay I needed to confess to them everything, they would then want me to show my repentance by regularly sitting at the back of the Kingdom Hall for several months and have Bible studies too for months on end, all the while the Elders would decide whenever they felt I was humiliated enough that I could then be somehow deemed ‘forgiven’ by God as they are God’s instruments of judgment of course.

So, rather than endure all that humiliation to stay in a religion that was like a prison to me, I made the brave decision that day and told the Elders that I needed to get out, I just needed to be FREE. I did not care how hard my life would be because I would finally be free to live my life how I wanted to live it and make decisions in my life myself! In my mind being free meant I could now vote, I could buy lottery tickets if I wanted, I could go dancing, socializing with whomever I chose, I could enjoy celebrating holidays like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, and all those cultural things that weren’t allowed in the religion because of course those things were deemed to be of Pagan origin or considered to be Worldly things and all unchristian. There are over 144 rules in this religion, so when I say I needed to be FREE you might understand why.

Life was very tough for me, I will not lie, the challenges in my life were numerous and spanned over two decades. For the first 30 years of my life, I lived in an ideological cocoon of mind controlling falsehoods and had little or no interactions with what the rest of the world was truly like. Thankfully, after being disfellowshipped from this way of life I had my one sister who had left religion a couple of years before me so together we were able to help each other and not so completely out in the cold, but it was still very tough. We were from an exceptionally large family of thirteen children and the family was everything to us. Freedom of choice is therefore an especially important belief to me for this reason.

So, I am offering myself as Aunt-T to whomever may be missing their Auntie and wanting to share a cup of tea and a chat with me on my weekly Sunday podcast. I remember when I was younger how I enjoyed visiting my Great Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents and listening to their stories about life. My Grandfather told some very colorful stories that I remember to this day. There is a need for these authentic life stories today more than ever before in history. As we become increasingly digitally advanced it seems we are losing touch with what it means to be human and the many physical, emotional, sensory aspects of being human rather than just the mental aspects that you see today. And with the advances in all things digital it can feel like we are living in a very plastic, artificial, digital world today.

There is more to living as a human than what you see on your phones, laptops, and computers. Using all your senses, your six senses, these sensory experiences will never be felt fully when you are only watching videos, movies, and games because you are only using your eyes and ears. You are only experiencing part of being a human. What about smell, taste, touch and using your intuitive sight too? And not to mention all the emotions experienced as well.

New MP3 Hypnosis Downloads Coming

Because I am a Hypnotherapist, I know how to help people to change their addictive habits as I use hypnosis as an effective therapy for rapid changes. I am presently developing MP3 hypnosis downloads for all the various addictions related to this modern digital world today as well as doing in-office sessions. These are still in the development stage right now, but I will be working on these very quickly perhaps in the next couple of weeks. These recordings will be designed to help those ‘Who Want To stop their addictions and change’ from their various digital addictions, like gaming, porn, video streaming, Instagram, TikTok and more. This imbalance is having a negative effect on our human race. It is robbing people of their joy in life in the natural world and has the potential to stop the continuation of humanity, which is also very troubling to me.

Becoming the Crone

As for myself I too am changing and experiencing a spiritual transformation in this time of my life; my spiritual gifts are being revealed to me now and an explanation as to why some scary things happened to me at several pivotal time periods in my life to prevent me or block me from fulfilling my true purpose until now.  As I am on my final cycle in this lifetime, I am truly becoming the Wise old Crone. Many new spiritual experiences are being revealed to me often as is happening to many others in the spiritual community right now, in this year of 2024 especially. My third eye is opening, and I am becoming something different, something light and powerful I feel. It has created a passion and desire inside of me to help others with my skills as a hypnotherapist and my newfound skills as a wise spiritual healer too.

So, I will be doing regular blog posts on my website for a while before I get my podcast going so that I can get enough followers and hopefully share my stories to as many people as I can. Some of my posts will be stories about communication, relationships, spirituality, living life in a large family, what it is like to purposely endure negativity and hostility for an ideological belief system like the JW’s, some scary, poltergeist, psychic moments, and other interesting stories.

I hope you will join me soon to have a warm cup of tea and a wee bit of a chat about life in the Real World. Looking forward to sipping with you all soon, TA DA!

Tracy Lee Thompson AKA Aunt-T enjoys living and working as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2011 in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Tracy’s goal is always to help people feel better and help them learn to let go of the past and just enjoy life. She’s very much a ‘Humanist’ in her belief in life and looks for what is positively human in all of us. Ta Da Everyone!

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