My Personal Experience of Past Life Regression

My Personal Experience of Past Life Regression

Have you ever travelled to some ancient faraway place that you’ve never been to before and suddenly within your own mind said to yourself, “I know I’ve been here before; something seems very familiar” a déjà vu moment you might say?  Something about the architecture of the buildings, the smells in the air, the music that’s playing, the people’s faces, the overall feelings that you get while in this very moment of time, ah yes, those same old emotions and stirrings are there once again.  But how is it possible if you have never been here before? But perhaps you were here before, but just not in this lifetime.

Ever since Brian Weiss wrote his now famous but somewhat controversial book, ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’, there has been a large following in the field of past life regression work. People everywhere are becoming more and more open to the concept of reincarnation or the belief that our souls may have been on this earth or maybe another planet or dimension before.  One must ask though, what purpose is there in knowing whether you have had one or many previous lifetimes before?

This is something I usually ask of my clients when they request to have a past life session.  What purpose do you have for wanting a past life session done? I look at it seriously because we will be going back and exploring times and places that your soul has been before and you may discover the reasons that you have come back to this earth once again are to learn, discover, correct, or improve upon. Perhaps your lesson is to learn patience, love, generosity, compassion, passion, kindness, or many, many, varied and different lessons. Or maybe you need to right a wrong that was done to you or to someone else that you loved before?

Whatever your reason may be the important thing here is that you have a purpose and not just that you are curious about having it done because you want to know if you were once Cleopatra, or the Queen of England or Napoleon etc.  Not all past life experiences are those where you were a celebrity or an important person of history.

I’d like to share my own personal past life experiences as examples so that it gives people an idea of what a past life regression session could be like and what you can take away from the experience and how it can be helpful to you.

I have had a few past life sessions at various times in my life.  My first time was in my mid 40’s when I was feeling frustrated and bored in my life, I wasn’t all that happy with my marriage at the time also I was treated as an outcast by my family and on top of that I was experiencing many symptoms for which medical doctors could not find out what was wrong with me, mainly I was experiencing various stomach and digestive problems.

I had just read Brian Weiss’s book and wondered if past life would be something helpful for me to do.  I had no idea where to go to have a session done until I saw a very skilled, kind, psychic offering to do it at a fair and I made the decision to give it a try.

After the psychic gently induced me into a very relaxed deep trance-like state she proceeded to guide me back in time to before I was even born and then started asking me questions as to what I was seeing, hearing, feeling, and doing at that moment…then she asked if I was a man or a woman, what was my name, what year did I think it was and so on. The first words out of my mouth were, “I’m shopping for a hat, a very large hat and there are many shops to look at, the streets have cobblestones, and I’m somewhere in England I believe.  I think it may be the early to mid-1800’s perhaps 1820 or 1830… I can’t be sure.  I’m a young woman, about 18 and my name is Daphne, I don’t know my last name right now, and I’m busy looking for the best-looking hat at the moment.” At this point I was having difficulty talking, I was so absorbed and focused that talking to someone else seemed to be problematic in a way.  Almost irritating as I was busy buying hats it would seem.

My psychic guide then went on to ask me to move ahead within this lifetime to a few years older to a significant event and to describe what I was now seeing, hearing, feeling at that moment.  “I’m at a family party, they’re quite uppity, uppity, I replied while shaking my head” and the psychic kept asking me uppity, what do you mean by uppity? I had to clarify, “we are very wealthy, high society snobs, my family doesn’t approve of me, I’m not very well liked by my family because I don’t follow the social norms, I won’t marry who I’m supposed to, I’m a spinster, and I am an embarrassment it seems”.  “I appear to be in my late 20’s now…I’m not very happy at this party, I don’t feel that I fit in somehow, I feel out of place in a way.”

Again, I was asked to move on within this lifetime to a few more years ahead, to another significant event and recall what I am doing, seeing, hearing and feeling. “I’m scrubbing clothes and sheets now by hand in big wash tubs, my fingers are rubbed raw from lye soap and hot water, I appear to be a volunteer of some kind at some type of large building, people are in long line-ups for food in this place. I must leave now from doing the washing and help to serve the soup to the poor in the soup kitchen, there are so many poor people, and they are very hungry and poor. I am happy though, I feel needed and appreciated, as there is so much need here.” She urged me to go further in this life…

“There’s a small group of artists and musicians that I have taken up with and I’ve met a man that is very interesting, he makes me laugh, we like each other but it’s forbidden by my family maybe because he is Irish and poor without status. He shows me how to do my own painting and drawing, we love to critique each other’s artwork. We fall in love, but I can’t recall his name” …this is very perplexing to me as I really want to remember his name. It feels as if something is blocking this memory for me.

Eventually the psychic helps to guide me deeper in trance towards the time of my death which I had died from contracting either dysentery or cholera (again unclear as to what disease) from helping to serve in the soup kitchens and tending to the sick and dying in the workhouses. I died very young only in my 40’s not sure what age exactly….from this point the psychic helped guide me deeper in trance into another lifetime…this time I was incarnated as a man and my name was ‘Tanaka’ I was dark brown skinned and wearing nothing but a loin cloth…I had no idea what country or area I was in nor how long ago, this lifetime…only that it appeared to be quite hot where I was and very primitive…moving further in this lifetime it was revealed to me that I was married and had a large family…possibly five children…moving further in this life I died tragically from an accident with a broken axe while falling from a cliff edge …the feeling was quite startling and sad.

When it came time to bring me back to my current life and I became conscious of my surroundings once again it felt as if a huge emotional, physical release came over my body and I started crying for some reason. This sometimes happens when coming back as you’ve just experienced such a deep emotional releasing there are various body syndromes that sometimes happen depending on a person’s PLR experience. I remember at the time being very surprised, excited, and relieved in a way when this information was all revealed to me. But what did it all mean? What were ‘my lessons’ in these lifetimes?

My lifetime as Daphne revealed to me a similarity with her family rejection and with my family rejection in this lifetime. Although I wasn’t born into a family of wealth and status in this lifetime, I was born into a family that was extremely religious, pious, and self-righteous. In both family dynamics I seem to be a disgrace and treated as one who is to be disqualified or shunned and abandoned. Perhaps the lesson is that no one human being is more deserving, righteous, or superior than another human being and we all need to be loved just as we are not who we ought to be according to someone else’s beliefs. Humility, kindness, and love for others seem to come to mind.

With regards to my lifetime as Tanaka, he was appeared to be very strong and confident both physically and mentally. He lived every day to the fullest right to the very end. I could tell there was much happiness, passion for life and love in his heart to go along with all that strength. Maybe the lesson is to live more in the moment and to be more spontaneous in my life, something at the time I wasn’t.   Passion for life, creativity, integrity and love again seems to come to mind.

I hope that by my sharing with everyone my personal experiences with having a PLR that it helps with understanding a bit about the process, purpose, and how it can help you to understand ‘the why’ within your present lifetime with its challenges and choices.


Tracy Lee Thompson enjoys living and working as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2010 in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

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