Anxiety scrambles The Mind

Anxiety scrambles The Mind

For anyone who has tried to study for an exam or take a test of any kind I’m sure that it’s no surprise that anxiety scrambles your brain making learning hard. Over the last 10 years it has been concerning for me as I have witnessed the level of stress and anxiety rise among students and young people. High school and college students and even middle school and grade school students are under extreme pressure to perform well in school in preparation for acceptance to college. The levels of stress, anxiety, fear and depression in our children truly is frightening.

The good news is that the students that I meet in my office and online all report to me that they benefit from hypnosis for anxiety and hypnosis for academic performance. What’s fun for me is that students are natural at hypnosis and easy learn self-hypnosis for stress management and use academic performance hypnosis.

How your brain becomes hardwired for fear.

The problem is that most of the fears that we imagine never happen. For some people, the imagining of these fears becomes chronic – leading to anxiety and even panic attacks. Hypnosis for stress and anxiety can help you to be mindful and know that in the moment you are safe and OK. So whether it’s imagined stress or fear Hypnotherapy can help you to create new responses and remain calm in those exams or in any situations you may face. At the Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center you can learn hypnosis to hardwire happiness, Calmness and relaxation and to unhook the old feelings of fear and negativity.


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