Hypnosis for Past Life Regression

Hypnosis for Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression or PLR?

Through the use of hypnosis it is possible to recover scenes, feelings and memories from another or several other previous lifetimes, which has been called Past Life Regression therapy. Many people have found great inner peace by obtaining this knowledge of their past lifetimes in order to bring healing to themselves in their present life.

Some Good Reasons to Experience a Past Life Regression

1) You have an unexplained physical ailment, pain, or affliction and no known reason as to its cause and there appears to be no known cure or treatment. Things like stabbing pain in the chest, arm, back for instance where medical testing shows no reasonable explanation.

2) You appear to have unnecessary anxieties, fears, or phobias which are interfering with your enjoyment of life.

3) You long to reveal your life purpose and your reason for incarnating and you also wish to overcome the fear of death.

4) You’d like to reveal some hidden talents and skills you may have and how to develop them to your full potential in this lifetime.

5) You seem to have some recurring patterns of behavior that create problems in this life like issues regarding relationships, family, beliefs and attitudes. (Negative emotions seem to be a factor like, anger, hate, prejudice etc.)

6) You have read either Brian Weiss’s books on past life regression or Michael Newton’s books and you have a keen interest in discovering your own personal life purpose in order to improve upon your life lessons today.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to discover who you are as an immortal soul living a human life it is important that you have a reason for wanting to do so. To just have a PLR done for curiosity sake like some people do to have their future read by a teacup reader, you may be disappointed by the outcome. Not all of us were Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Napoleon, or Alexandra the Great! For most of us our past lives are from humble beginnings in many and varied different walks of life and we are not all historic characters.

Most people have experienced clues as to their prior incarnations. Are you drawn to a particular country, people or a specific time period, like the civil War? If the Grecian architecture attracts your interest you may have lived in the time Greece flourished.

The same is true if you feel negative about a nationality, a place or historic time period. Your soul’s experience may not have been to your liking. You may still feel the emotions of love, hate, rejection or any other emotion that relates to a past life. We call these “past life carryovers” and they can directly relate to the life you are now living. Any strong affinity or aversion is a clue.

What Is a Session Like?

Plan on spending at least 2 hours on an average for a past life regression session. During a consultation I will ask what your reason for having a past life regression is, and together we will talk about any recurring patterns in your life such as any emotional struggles, pains, fears, or phobias that you may have. By doing this we will prompt your subconscious mind into leading you towards the source of these problems. Next I will help to guide you into a deep relaxation designed to put you into a light Alpha to Theta brain wave state of trance or hypnosis.

Then I will proceed with guiding you into your past lives through the use of questions about yourself like are you a man or a woman? What year is it? How old are you? What are you wearing? What are you doing? And so on.

Everyone experiences a Past Life Regression in their own way. Frequently, people experiencing a session for the first time think they have “made up” their experience while in hypnosis, or feel they have imagined all of it. But then little things will begin to happen that slowly provide validation to what you experienced.

To get the most from your Past Life Regression, keep an open mind and don’t analyze your experience during the session. You will have plenty of time for that later. Simply let the information flow into your mind without questioning it.

When the hypnotherapist instructs you to walk across the bridge or go through the blue mist and then into the white light to a past lifetime you may experience one of several different reactions:

• You may see yourself quite clearly

• You may see quick impressions

• You may seem to “know” without seeing

• You may not see anything, but feel as if someone is telling you what is happening.

Regardless of your initial reaction upon entering your own past, just answer any questions from the hypnotherapist or remember the first response that comes to mind. As the regression progresses, you will find the impressions become stronger.If you actively analyze the process while in session, you will only retard the impressions. Your mind is on a journey through your soul’s experiences of lifetimes. Let it travel freely. Analysis can wait until your session is finished, after you have collected all the data.

What if I Experience Something Scary During My PLR?

People have been known to sometimes become very upset and emotional while experiencing a traumatic or sad event during a past life regression. If this should happen I will reassure you during your session and remind you that you are only, “Observing and NOT experiencing this moment. ”

I may then gently touch you on the shoulder and ask you to move away from this scene and go somewhere else within this lifetime. Or I may suggest that you make a 360 degree turn from this scene or event and tell me what you see now that is different. But if your emotions persist and seem to worsen then I may direct you to move back into the blue mist and through the white light again and then count you out and back into the present moment. At all times I will be there to help you and guide you on your journey so that you will always feel safe and secure.

Remember you are the one in charge of your experience and by releasing any emotional or traumatic experiences stored in your mind can be a very healing event for you. Many people feel very peaceful, refreshed, as well as relieved to finally find out the root causes of their unnecessary fears, phobias and anxieties that seem to plague them in their present life.

Afterwards you may feel tired or have some slight discomfort or headache related to the release of this stored trauma. This is all normal and not harmful. Most people however, feel very happy, relaxed, and peaceful. In any case you may want to arrange to have the rest of the day off and take a nap or take a relaxing walk so you may be able to reflect on your whole experience a bit more through dreaming or any intuitive thoughts that may continue to come to you later on.

If you wish to make an appointment for a PLR session you may phone Tracy Thompson, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center to arrange for an appointment at: 250-739-4609 or e-mail Tracy to arrange an appointment at: tracy.nhc@shaw.ca  Tracy will be more than happy to help you on your spiritual soul journey of exploration, renewal, and healing. Call or e-mail today!


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