Hypnosis for Limiting Beliefs – How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Hypnosis for Limiting Beliefs – How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

When you think about your own personal beliefs and ask yourself the question, what do I believe? What immediately comes to mind?

If you were brought up in a religious family the first thing that may come to mind is your spiritual beliefs about God, creation, redemption, and life after death. And all of the religious rites, rules, and tenants that are upon you in your daily life because of those beliefs that you were brought up with.

Whereas a person who was raised in a non-religious family may say that they believe in how the earth is evolving constantly and that we ourselves are responsible for the state of the planet and you may devote your life towards more scientifically proving this point. You may be even driven towards working at ways to save our planet from environmental harm through the wonders of science.

These are only two examples out of many that help to illustrate how our beliefs are really tied to our sense of identity and how our identity is tied to our beliefs. Because we all perceive the world in a slightly different way and we all have different beliefs, you are bound to stumble upon people whose beliefs clash with your own.Unfortunately, when you look back in history you can see the results of clashing belief systems and the many wars that have been started and continue to go on because of these differing beliefs. This is a very controversial topic in itself which we won’t get into right now but this only helps to illustrate the point about beliefs.

What about the beliefs deep inside of you? What if I told you that you may have some limiting beliefs that are deep within your subconscious mind that may be preventing you from succeeding in life? This is where hypnotherapy helps by finding these limiting beliefs.

Many of us go through life wanting to make changes in our lives in order to improve either our health, or prosperity, our relationships, to gain more self-confidence, or improve our memory and on and on… And we have every intention of making these changes but we seem to fail and we don’t know why. In many cases it is a deeply held belief within your subconscious mind that is holding you back. All through our lives we receive suggestions starting from childhood by our parents, teachers, politicians, religious leaders, and now we even receive suggestions from TV and social media that all influence our beliefs about ourselves.

Suppose you had problem with education as a child and later on found out that you had a learning disability. Throughout your childhood you may have experienced some very mean spirited teachers that used to tell you that you were a stupid child and you’d never amount to anything. Even if you received special training for your learning disability by some kinder teachers, these statements may still be held by your subconscious mind as truth and as an adult these limiting belief statements may be preventing you from reaching successful goals in your life today.

By using hypnotherapy we are able to talk to your subconscious mind and possibly reframe the experience, and replace any negative statements with positive belief statements for your subconscious mind to now remember. The results are quite amazing and can help people change any numerous kinds of limiting belief systems that may be hindering their progress in life.

So as we Canadians have been saying since our Olympic Winter Games of 2010 in Vancouver, BC, “I BELIEVE!” Believe it, hypnotherapy works by changing your limiting beliefs!

Tracy Lee Thompson is an Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist living and working in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

E-mail Tracy at: tracy.nhc@shaw.ca  or Phone: 250-739-4609.


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