Are E-Cigarettes a Gateway to Smoking Rather Than a Cure?

Are E-Cigarettes a Gateway to Smoking Rather Than a Cure?

Although electronic cigarettes are supposed to help you ditch the highly additive habit, it’s been found they can actually keep you addicted or even encourage addiction in those who wouldn’t usually smoke. This is thought to be because of two main factors. Firstly, the ‘cool’ imagine they’ve developed thanks to celebrities users and secondly, the flavoured E-liquid inside.

These little devices have become fashion accessories with celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio smoking them very publically at the Golden Globes. This sends the message to smokers and non-smokers alike that smoking, as long as it’s in an electronic form, is somehow acceptable. However, in reality, you’re still ingesting nicotine and various other chemicals, which haven’t been tested for human consumption. This sense of it being ‘okay’ to do can perpetuate the habit in smokers and encourage non-smokers to pick up the habit, starting with electronic cigarettes, which can be purchased easily over the internet or from chemists.

The E-liquid that you smoke comes in a range of flavours, like fruits and chocolate, which taste pleasant. Putting a pleasant taste to an addictive substance is a sure-fire way to encourage the habit and discourage those who’re trying to quit for good. The mouth-watering flavours combined with the image being portrayed by celebrities is said to even encourage children to try E-cigarettes – a worrying development in the fight against smoking.

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