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Be in Control of your Habits.
Anxiety / Depression
Getting Back to Calm.
Changing One
Mind at a Time

I guess you could say that with over 24 years of combined experience, Ron and Tracy Thompson have done just that…Changing One Mind at a Time. Together they have successfully helped 5,700+ clients over the years, to make the changes that they want in their lives.  Everything from quitting smoking, losing weight, sleeping peacefully again, learning how to be calm rather than stressed, and overcoming fears are just a few of the many issues that Ron and Tracy have positively helped people change in their lives.

By using only Hypnosis as a Therapy towards helping to guide people into making the changes they want in their life, the positive suggestions given during hypnosis are designed to encourage the inner subconscious mind to heal easily, quickly, and naturally.


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What you can expect to discover when going to Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center is just how easy it is to learn about the power of your own mind to change unhelpful behaviours, beliefs, and habits. There’s often an almost immediate feeling of relief, calmness, deep relaxation and emotional freedom after just one hypnotic session.

Ron Thompson and Tracy Thompson who are both professional, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, use Hypnosis techniques with ALL sessions along with some cognitive behavioural suggestions in order to guide a person towards making positive changes that encourage their own mind to heal themselves.

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What is Hypnosis for? Informative Articles & Videos

Here are some interesting and informative hypnosis articles and videos for you to enjoy reading or watching. We hope you are surprised and entertained about all the wonderful and amazing things there is to know all about hypnosis.  Because, anyone can be hypnotized, the secret is simply wanting to.

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Because we live in such a busy world today, attending a personal, private one-on-one session in our office may not be possible for some so we have produced numerous online self-hypnosis MP3s that are designed to help you hypnotically with many and varied issues but in the comfort of your own home instead. Stay tuned also for our NEW ‘Wellness’ products coming soon and for those learning hypnotherapy, we will have ‘Hypnosis Scripts’ too!